I didn't expect my wife's Dell to have a problem so soon but things happen
One day my wife told me her Computer wouldn't turn on, so I took a look at it and did a couple of
tests to make sure that the Electrical plug was connected good and that my Granddaughter hadn't
plugged her Ipod into a wrong place.
I found out that the Computer wouldn't turn on like she said and I decided to e-mail Dell instead
of calling since I have problems understanding some people especially when a Computer program
is generating a voice message or answering your call.
I e-mailed dell on 11-10-06 and I received a Auto answer saying Dell received my e-mail and would get back to me in
24 hours or so. ( and they did).
I was given instructions on what to do and I accomplished them . Still didn't work.
So  I Emailed back and was given some  new instructions and that still didn't work. What we were doing was
eliminating the cause. Power supply, a installed card or BIOS. I understood that.
I did noticed that on the back the 4 lights would turn to green then yellow and that B & C would turn to yellow
momentarily before the power went off, Note the power would only stay on about 3 to 4 seconds before going off again
After a couple of e-mails, Dell decided it was the Motherboard and they would send out a Geek within the next couple
of days if the New Motherboard was available. I was surprised to get that good of service. Note and delays were of my fault
I sometimes didn't answer back as soon as I got Dell's email. Well the Geek called and ask if he could come over the next day
and my wife said yes .
The new Motherboard was installed and the Computer turned on, all seemed to be working o.k but after the new BIOS setup
the Computer wouldn't start again, so out came the Modem and tried again and that didn't work.
The Geek decided that the ON & OFF switch as I call it was broke and sticking in the ON position causing a bad connection with the Motherboard
hence a call to Dell to explain and they the Geek and Dell decided to replace the switch. Were waiting for a new ON & OFF switch.
I think the e-mail to and from Dell was great and the prompt Geek response was excellent. So far I have no problems with Dell Service Support.