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Building Number: 291
Address: 51 SPAATZ DRIVE
City, State, Zip: LANGLEY AFB, VA
23665-2078  (USA)
Nearest City: HAMPTON , VA
DSN: 574-7604
Commercial: 757-764-4194
Commercial Fax: 757-766-1213
E-mail Address: Steven P. Villeneuve
Langley Air Force Base, Langley, VA
SUNDAY            0900-1800  
MONDAY           0900-1900 
TUESDAY          0900-1900   WEDNESDAY   0900-1900 
THURSDAY       0900-1900 
FRIDAY              0900-1900  
SATURDAY       0800-1900  

Hours Of Operation
Closed On Some
Federal Holidays
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This Web SIte Is A Private Web SIte Dedicated To Our Men And Women Of The Armed Forces Of The United States Of America Past, Present and Future

BMC Steven Brown
U.S.Navy Retired
Store Director: Steven P. Villeneuve
Langley Air Force Base Commissary
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Langley Air Force Base Commissary
After Wilbur and Orville made their history making flight at Kitty Hawk, N.C, on December 17, 1903 they wrote home about it and added they' d be home in a few days.  Their letter reached a Dayton newspaper which headlined the story, " Prominent Local Bicycle Merchants to Be Home for Christmas. "