Taking on Eye Allergies
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Need help for those itchy, red eyes? When your eyes are irritated, you want relief. What's triggering your eye allergies, and how can you soothe them -- fast?
Cooking Up Natural Allergy Relief
From butterbur and nettles to hot ginger and garlic, Mother Nature may hold the keys to the potent allergy relief you need. So why should some people steer clear of chamomile and cucumbers?
Say 'So Long' to Summer Allergies
Mix a little heat and humidity with pollution and pollen and you've got an ideal recipe for serious summer allergies. Here's how to cope when the heat is on.
The Eyes Have It: Allergies, That Is
Stuffed up noses and scratchy throats may get all the press, but lots of us have eye allergies, too. Get quick relief today with these top tips for soothing eye allergy symptoms.
44 Tips to Stop Allergies
Stop allergies before they stop you: Prevention is key. Could symptom control be as simple as saying so long to feather pillows and hello to hardwood floors?
Coming Clean: Could Shampoo or Soap Be Causing Your Allergies?
Does your favorite soap, scent, or deodorant leave you with red, rashy skin instead of feeling refreshed? Know the signs of cosmetic allergies, and try these tips for staying symptom-free.

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This Special Report is funded by VisineNeed help for those itchy, red eyes?Quick Tips for Ending Eye Allergies