Keep It Clean
Keep the inside of your Computer clean, it helps to keep it Cool and running faster and last longer.
I have worked on quite a few Computers, and one of the things I always check for is:
Dust and dirt inside the Computer case and on the Power Supply, case fan and electronic parts. CPU fan, inside your floppy, CD-ROM on you Hard disk drive can cause overheating, and shorted the life span of your Computer.

Don't throw away that old Vacuum cleaner if it's still working but not cleaning your carpet real good, it may still be useful to help clean the dust from your Computer, Computer Monitor (CRT) type and even your old Television, the Tube type. Just make sure you don't suck up your Computer Case screws while cleaning your Computer, I did a couple of time good thing I had a few spares.
What are you saying, My house is clean, how can my computer be dirty and dusty. Where do you think all that dust goes to from your clean house, It goes into your Computer because a little fan tells it too.
This is the front of a Dell Case where the Front USB and Firewire can connect. There is a flip up cover that should keep the dust out, but it didn't. That old vacuum cleaner did a good job cleaning this out the Vacuum cleaner thanked me for the great lunch.
These two pictures are of the  inside of the case where the heart of your computer is. This one (Dell) had a good accumulation of dust built up. I have seen worst.
This Computer is only two years old
The dust get's into the holes in front of this Computer case and clogs the air flow.
Here's a CPU fan, all the dust goes through the fan and onto your Heat sink on your CPU. The heat sink help's keep your CPU cool . The dust block's the flow of air that cools your CPU and Heat sink.
All you need on some Computers is a Phillips head screw driver to open your case.on some you will need a socket wrench. It is best to buy one of those cheap Computer tool kits at any Computer Store. They should last you for the life time of your Computer.
Cautions : UNPLUG your Computer electrical cord from the wall socket or the back of your Computer.
One Paint Brush: 1-1/2 Horse hair not nylon
to help you sweep it up.
DO NOT USE ANYTHING WET: Do not spray anything except compressed air into your Computer Case. You can buy a can of compressed air just about anywhere that sell Computer parts or tool kits. I know our Navy Exchange at Oceana sell it. DO NOT use a Compressor, even if you drain the water out it. Condensation builds up in the Compressor tanks, or Compressor lines. This will kill your Computer. Only use a Can of Compressed air that say's safe for electronics.
These Picture's are of a older Computer, it still ran
but very, slow. It wouldn't of lasted very much longer.
Most Computer cases can be opened by taking two or three screws out of the back, you only need one side cover off . The side cover plate you want off is the one on your left side facing the front of the computer.
You need not remove any cables, Be gentle with the vacuum cleaner hose extention, if you use one slamming your motherboard will bend or break some of your MOBO electronics.
For the first time purchase a large can of Compressed air moister free
this is a 10 oz size  your next can
can be a small one.Use the paint brush to remove    dust that the  Vacuum cleaner dosen't remove

Dont try to stick your Vacuum into your case
Just the hose, working end.
Here's the same picture, with a closer look
Should I keep my Computer
turned on or turn it off after
I'm finished using it ?
There is still on going argument's about that, but I can tell you from my experience that, I have never had a Computer to die on me from turning it off.  The rule is, If you are going to use your Computer in a couple of hours again leave it on. If you are going to bed put your Computer to bed too. However at night would be a good time to defrag your harddrive, unless it in your bedroom then it makes a lot of noise.
Now that we have your Computer cleaned up and it's running Faster and Cooler let's clean something else up all the adware and other goodies that you got sucked into . You know when you click on the Big e on your Desktop and it goes to some other Homepage other then what you had sett it to and all those pop up's start covering your Desktop. Well you have a bunch of SickO out there that think it's funny to mess with your Desktop and Computer. These are people mostly from other country's that have a diffrent set of values then we do. But let me remind you that we have quite a few here, and for some reason the law protects them even though the majority of Americans don't want them protected. There's a Company that can help you for free for a limited time to get rid of the trash. see the note below.
CoolWebSearch installs dozens of bookmarks–mostly to porn Web sites–on your desktop, changes your home page without asking, and continually changes it back if you attempt to correct it. Furthermore, it significantly slows down the performance of your PC, and introduces modifications which cause Microsoft Windows™ to freeze, crash or randomly reboot. TrendMicro has a program that can take care of CoolWebSearch for you.
Too often look alike Microsoft Windows Popup and ask you to install or make their Webpage your home and if you click yes your Computer is dead. read the popup window of the Look alike just don't say yes.
Remember to Clean Your Computer about every few month's, It depend's on how dirty your house is. I clean mine once a month.
This page was last updated: April 22, 2007